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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Fertile Vampire...Pranic, Pregnant and Petrified...& The Reluctant Goddess by Karen Ranney

The Fertile Vampire by Karen Ranney

Poor Marcie Montgomery, a lovely woman at the top of her game with a large insurance agency has inadvertently been turned into a vampire.  When given a choice to be mentored by the head of the powerful Vampire Council or meeting a “too soon” end with the church, Marcie chooses to walk away and see what this new life has to offer.  Soon things seem to be a little weird. She can’t seem to be able to gag down blood and she’s eating regular food like she’s starving.  When her mentor does something that NO WOMAN should fear, especially a vamp chick, Marcie must hide!  When drop dead gorgeous Dan Travis comes to watch Marcie for Maddock , her mentor,  the last thing she wants is another man in her life.  She just knows that Dan is not quite human and she seems to be drawn to him.  Enough is enough.  Life has got to back down so Marcie can get her life back on track!

I fell in love with Marcie’s character, she’s just a single woman searching for love, from her Mother, the Dad she’s never met, her boyfriend who turns out to be a vampire sent to turn her….come on people, she’s had enough!   I loved this so much I promptly went and bought the next two books in this wonderful series!


Pranic, Pregnant and Petrified by Karen Ranney


Marcie’s back!  And she’s had to move into a fortified castle with a moat (no, really), being loved and pampered by almost everyone in the castle.  But life is far from easy for  Marcie, with Maddock still trying to get his slimey paws on her and using every underhanded trick in the book.  Marcie either needs to embrace all her powers or run.   She has no desire to run with the enevitable outcome of being caught by everyone who either wants her dead or chained to a bed to bear babies for eternity.   After all that she has suffered in the past Marcie draws away from everyone who wants to keep her in the dark, dead or delivering.

Poor Marcie…she needs to trust in herself.  Final book is next! 


The Reluctant Goddess by Karen Ranney


Marcie has decided to embrace all that she can be, she has to, she’s pregnant.  And heavan help ANYONE who tries to harm her or any who want to cage her.  When intuders get into the castle and her beloved Dan gets himself abducted Marcie must get a handle on her new powers.  If she doesn’t they will harm him or kill him.  One of those crazies just happens to be Marcie’s own mother…well look out mother, you have ignored me all my life and THAT’S about to end.

I have absolutly enjoyed the heck out of Marcies tale…speaking of tails…you will LOVE Opie/Charlie.  I sure did!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Awakened by the Vampire Prince 1, 2, & 3 by Charlene Hartnady


Rosebud,Flower & Thorn

A trilogy of romance between a Vampire Prince and an Elven Princess

Beautiful Princess Esral was given to the vampire kings after being asked that ONE of them mate her.  As both kings asked that the brother of the king be allowed to be her mate…and so Esral was left with prince “Xavier.”

There’s just one little problem, Xavier doesn’t want a mate…EVER!  So sweet little Esral wants to explore “dating”, but Xavier won’t let anyone near her and the elves feel she must be defective.  When Esral is called back home to meet with her dying father, Xavier follows and finds a woman where a cute little elf stood.  Can he win her back and will the royalty let him have her back?  Things are a bit shaky at the palace and everything can go bump in the night!   Masterful and creative!  This trilogy is outstanding.  You should read “Chosen by the Vampire Kings” to get a grasp of the back plots before you jump into this read…but it can stand alone.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Vampire's Fake Fiancee` by Kristen Painter

A vampire married for 400 years is suddenly confronted with the wife who abaonned him 300 years prior.  Not wanting to deal with the woman who drains him of money he gets a young woman who wants the job of librarian in his town to pretend to be his fiance.  His fake fiance is a Valkyrie who hates to fight.   A turn of events  sees the vampire falling for the valkyrie and the valkyrie falling for the vamp…heaven help the trashy ex-wife…you don’t mess with a blade wielding warrior over the man of her dreams.  Hold on, the battle of the women is about to commence!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Smoldering Hunger by Donna Grant

The war between the Dark Fae  with Dragon King Ulrik leading the evil pack to the
Dragon Kings whom he wants to destroy is getting closer.  If that means he is going to try and woo the Purple Dragon King's lover away from him...then that's what he will do...whether she wishes it or not.  Dr. Sophie Martin always believed in taking care of herself...that means no drop dead  gorgeous, good lovin', purple dragons need not apply.  Just come over every night and keep her warm. :)  The cost of loving a warrior  is to drop your career and live forever as your mates love...can Doctor Sophie give up her medical career?   Will her beloved let her...and what's with the creepy  Red eyed, long silver streaked hair men who walk up and strut away with any woman they want, who promptly turn up dead?  This series is sooo much fun.  With each book you hope it is that will answer at least ONE question! Please!!! Pretty please?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Passion Ignites by Donna Grant

Lovly Lexi  is out to bring down the Red Eyed demon that lured one of her friends out of the bar they were visiting in Scotland...what she doesn't know is that the men she stalks are evil Dark Fae that absorb the soul of the human they choose and that they have noticed her.   One of the few who fight these monsters is Thorn, a Dragon King that has vowed to protect the humans.  For Lexi and Thorn it's not a love at first glance option, but Thorn wakes a side of  her she didn't know existed.  Now the question is will her urge Lexi to stay where danger runs rampant or press her to leave for her own good...and would she go if he asks her?