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Hi there! Welcome to my book review page! My name is Cindy...thus the Cinfully Wonderful ٩(-̮̮̃•)۶ I mostly read Paranormal Romance and love to write MY thoughts on the book without giving away secrets, cliffhangers or punchlines. This blog page is just for fun. Mine! You're welcome to leave comments about my reviews. Thank you and enjoy.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Night's Honor by Thea Harrison

What do you do when the darkest, evil Djinn is your ex-employer and wants you dead because you know too much? 24 year old Tess Graham accountant and computer hacker decides to run, before she completely runs out of money. She applies for a job working for one of the most powerful vampires on the planet. Though Tess is no great beauty something about her causes right hand vampire to the King, Xavier del Torro, to take her on as an attendant trainee. The meetings between master and trainee are filled with tension, but honest, which causes each to look deeper into each others lives and in a short amount of time find something there to love. Once he finds out who Tess is trying to hide from, Xavier decides to take her to the King and ask for help...can Tess reveal all she knows to bring down an evil that has no boundaries and are there more dangers that neither know about? This was a FABULOUS read! The growth between two such different souls is wonderful. Can't wait for Midnight's Kiss, the follow up to Night's Honor!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dark Skye by Kresley Cole

Two children meet, fall in love and tragedy strikes, removing the parents of one child and in retaliation, the parents of the other. Thus begins the 5 century search that Thronos of the Vrekeners race has for his life mate Melanthe of the Sorceri. Sorceri are creatures with powers they use to acquire gold...natural born thieves living in the NOW, enjoying all that life can offer. Vrekeners are a race who lives to met out justice on rules breakers...especially the Sorceri. When Thronos finally captures Lanthe will he break her joy of life, making her live as a drudge to fit in with his lifestyle? Or can Melanthe open Thronos eyes to the fun available to all who are willing to live life to it's fullest, and to show him the horrors perpetuated on all the different races by Thronos own brother, the King of Vrekeners? As Lanthe tries to flee Thronos, her powers on the fritz, they wind up in one hell hole after another, bringing them closer as they must rely on the other to survive. Epic is the word for this story...EPIC!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Under the Final Moon by Hannah Jayne

We have a beautiful, sweet, giving soul in Sophie Lawson. The only human working for the Underworld Detection Agency/UDA. But Sophie has something no Other or human has, she carries the Vessel of Souls inside her, the point all souls go to awaiting their time to move on in the afterlife. She lives with her BFF, vampire Nina and Nina's nephew Vlad (no, not that Vlad. Her across the hall neighbor is her Vessel's guardian, and fireman Will. Her ex is a mega hot, fallen Angel, and Sophie is about to need everyone of them and her family of friends at the UDA, because Sophie's Dad is coming for her and he just happens to be the world's worst father: Satan! All hell is about to be unleashed because dear old Dad has decided it's time to bring his daughter home, to hell. And Sophie is NOT going to give in without a fight. Adding to her stress, and we're not talking of her being out of donuts, is a hoard of Grigori trying to kill her. Things aren't looking very bright for Sophie. But a woman filled with love will fight for all she's worth against EVIL, even if it's her all powerful Dad. I hated to see this series end, but at some point every series must. I hope for more reading bliss to come our way from Hannah Jayne!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blood Games by Chloe Neill

Our beloved yummy hunk, Ethan, has issued a challenge to the head of the Greenwich Presidium (the ruler of all things vampire) when threats against him and those he loves start coming in. Merit (his beloved and Sentinel of Cadogan House)steps in to protect him and her house. While dealing with the steps to find a new ruler rock the house with trials the city of Chicago is dealing with deaths perpetuated by a psychotic serial killer with a paranormal flair and Merits Grandfather (the Ombudsman between all things paranormal and human) has asked for Merits help to determine if the killer is human or other. Which makes for a lot of stuff going on...but enlightening all the same. I loved this tale...it left me waiting for the next installment and happy at the same time! Enjoy! I know I did!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Crave the Night by Lara Adrian

Beautiful Jordana Gates has it all: A wonderful, loving father, a wealthy, smitten fiancé, a profession she adores, and yet there is something that is not right in her world. She has kissed a Breed warrior and LIKED it! So much, in fact, that she wants more from Nathan...she wants him! Nathan cannot get a kiss from wealthy, breed mate Jordana Gates out of his blood. The woman draws him more than ANYTHING has ever meant to him, as a Gen One breed male. There have never been emotions for him, there has never been a passion fulfilled for her. As the two come together a stalking evil will enter Jordana's life and not even the warrior who desires her may be able to stop it! I am so hooked on the Breed and the flair of Lara Adrian that I hope this series goes on forever...