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Hi there! Welcome to my book review page! My name is Cindy...thus the Cinfully Wonderful ٩(-̮̮̃•)۶ I mostly read Paranormal Romance and love to write MY thoughts on the book without giving away secrets, cliffhangers or punchlines. This blog page is just for fun. Mine! You're welcome to leave comments about my reviews. Thank you and enjoy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Apologies to you!

I am soooo sorry you haven't heard from me for awhile!   When all you have is a 16 year old desk computer that is s*l*o*w  you do what you can... so now I have read a bunch of books and have to review them all at once!  What fun for me!  Am now bringing my new netbook into my world!

Friday, January 29, 2016



When you first start reading this you will be sooooo lost.  It starts about one Janey Doerr [get it? JANE DOE] and she works with a gal named Cookie, married to a guy named Bob with customers named Garrett, Osh and a hunk named Reyes [hubba hubba].  JANEY is an amnesiac.  She NEEDS  help and every time she thinks she'll get a clue the person is swallowed by dark smoke and disappears. Oh, and she can see dead people.  WTF is going on?  Turn the page sweetheart....this is GOOD!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Welcome back to the psi world of Harmony, where beautiful Sedona Snow has never known kindness from the date of her parents death.  A  world who threw her away after being kidnapped, experimented on, freeing herself and finding her marriage of convenience had been annulled by her ex...time to find a place where wacko's are welcome.  But peace is not to be her's when the new Guild boss is the one to come to her rescue from the kidnappers who want her back.  I love the world of Harmony and their little dust bunny companions...you will love Sedona Snow's little Lyle and bigger Cyrus Jones.


For over 200 years Gryphon shifter, Graydon, has diligently waited for the lady he has loved and could not have...Lady Beluvial, consort to the Elven High Lord because of the geas a pariah Djinn had put on the son of Beluvial's head. Now the high lord is dead and Bel's son is the High Lord being manipulated by evil. Graydon and his compatriots and some very powerful men and women will gather to take down this blight on our planet...but can it happen before evil Malphas can kill Bel's beloved child, or will he aim for the only man Bel has truly loved...the prophecy of Graydon's death could be wrong...right? Please be wrong, for Bel is the only woman who can grant his every wish...and she does not work for the djinns. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I'm honestly going to tell you I was very disappointed with this begginning in what may start as a good series. I think what bummed me out was the legnth that had to be on every subject because of the sociiety and magics that had so much detail. There was NO time for romance, just introducing the 2 main characters. The plot itself could have filled 5 chapters, but because we're seeing the building of a world surrounded by hatred for ALL things with even a hint of magic it was bound to be S-L-O-W...I'll read the next in this series and let you know.