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Hi there! Welcome to my book review page! My name is Cindy...thus the Cinfully Wonderful ٩(-̮̮̃•)۶ I mostly read Paranormal Romance and love to write MY thoughts on the book without giving away secrets, cliffhangers or punchlines. This blog page is just for fun. Mine! You're welcome to leave comments about my reviews. Thank you and enjoy.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Bearly A Viking by Lacey Edward

A Viking raid on a small English village leaves beautiful, young Edith a widow and captive to the marauders who take her friends and her captive. But she is not kept with the rest of the future slaves. She is kept with in sight of the Viking Ásbjörn who treats her gently, feeds her and learns her language before having her sent to his home as his to protect. This to me was a complete story, but with a lot of fleshing out and a few close calls and danger to Edith the wonderful short story could be one heck of a best seller. I love finding jewel like this one. Now going on to read "Saving the Wolf" by Lacey Edward!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Bound By the Summer Prince by Mistral Dawn

In Fae mythology in the realm of faerie there are different areas ruled by Fae, some are elves, some are Sidhe, some are trolls and some are just Wild Fae and more. While vivacious young Veronica Randolph is running for her life on the cold streets of the latest in a long list of towns after running a con on a mobsters brother, who knew?, she takes cover in an abandoned warehouse where she shimmies into a small cubby hole and finds a kitten who promptly yowls and gives her hiding spot away. Time to run, with the kitten in her arms she trips and falls down a Fairy portal with 4 killers hot on her trail. When she awakens she is in a magical forest that can literally eat you alive...Surprise Roni, you are now in Fairie and NO HUMAN EVER LEAVES! After she escapes the killers, loses the kitten, is kidnapped by a gorgeous man, put in a dungeon by that gorgeous man and is released, again by the gorgeous man and is told she is his "Anamchara" his soul mate and the future Queen of the Summer Court. Whaa? For an independent soul there is about to be one "hell-of-a" battle between her and her future "King", Uaine her to be husband. 'Cause this gal doesn't TAKE orders from any one, even drop dead gorgeous ones! Let the lovin', er, fighting begin. I'm takin' bets! Another Good, Good read by the incomparable Mistral Dawn. What's next? I've gotta go search on Amazon, Ta, Ta!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Taken By the Huntsman by Mistral Dawn

In Fae mythology in the realm of faerie there rules with an iron fist the Erlking's justice. What is decided as punishment for crimes is meted out immediately, it can be as simple as traded labor or death for great crimes, the Erlking is the one to decide. When a Pixie child is killed his mother calls for justice, but the killer escapes to our realm. The Wild Hunt is on, for children are very rare amongst the Fae and are revered above all but the Goddess herself. While on his mission to take down this murderer, Cadeyrn the Erlking, comes across the one and only love he will be allowed in his very long life, a human by the name of Cassandra Bookman. A young woman loved by none and discarded by many, Cassie does not give her heart or trust because of the hurt it always brings. When Cassie succumbs to a magical sleep, she awakes in a castle filled with luxury and servants that want to grant her every wish...trust is not something Cassie is willing to give easily. Jump on and join the fun because this is just a taste of the adventure with Cadeyrn and Cassie. This is a complete story, not a series...so you don't have to wait to know how this ends!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sought By the Alphas by Carina Wilder

Lovely, curvy, young Gwynne has come to Cornwall in a search for knowledge. Where and why did her mother disappear when she was 10 years old? The death of her father found her in possession of a mystifying letter telling her to travel to a small village in Cornwall and all her questions would be answered. When she enters the local pub for a drink she finds a painted portrait 100's of years old of a castle, wolves, a dragon and a woman dressed in gold who is Gwynne's twin, right down to the mole on her breast. This raises more questions than answers...and who is the perfect, handsome, BIG man with the sky blue eyes who cannot take those eyes off of her? It seem this adventure has more questions than answers. What the Hell...let the adventure begin. Gwynne will find herself in plots to murder her and two very intense men who say she is their mate. What should she do? I say let the dice fall where they may, seize the moment and go for the gold. What follows will have you laughing, crying and glued to the pages. This is a 5 book series...my suggestion is to buy them in the bundle, then you don't have to wait for the download to rip into the next book! Good work Carina Wilder! Oh yes, Very good work!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Abduction by Erin Durante

Sweet beautiful Samantha and her BFF Carly go on a mini vacation to rockin' Las Vegas to help Samantha recover from a sad break-up with her fiance` and the sadder loss of her beloved Dad. Thinking to have more money to gamble with, bubbly Carly books their room in a new uncompleted hotel. Before they can settle in and hit the casinos the power goes out shutting off the elevators and a "possible" earth quake shakes the girls down to the floor so by the light of Sam's hand held tablet they decide to head down the stairs and come across a floor filled with women having sex with a bunch of uniformed men. Terror causes the girls to turn and run but are followed by two of the uniformed men, when Carly goes down after a green flash of light from a gun one of them discharges a fight ensues to see who gets Samantha. She is grabbed and transported to a far away planet, Samantha awakes to find she has been kidnapped and is to become a "breeder" for the male who brought her home! All Sam wants is to get home, and all the new man in her life wants is sex...and then things get interesting! I love when I come across a find that is so wonderful, it introduces me to "new" writers and a perfect introductory price $00.00, makes the choice to read it a must! LOL...Nah you guys this book is just one damn good read! Go get yours! NOW! And check out the next in this series-> The Keeping >^.^< meow!