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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Я начинаю JR Уорда "тени" ... Это будет интенсивная быть!

Friday, April 10, 2015

For All Time, Time Without End, Time Out of Mind, Matter of Time, Time After Time, World Enough & Time by V.M. Black

1)For All Time Cora's back in town. And just in time to start her final semester at the University of Maryland. But she can't stand to be a foot away from her vampire fiancé`, Dorian Thorne, for more than a minute, how is she ever going to survive a week at a time? And to add to her unease, the Djinn are still trying to separate Dorian and Cora. Ain't gonna happen on his watch! He has bodyguards following her everywhere!
2)Time Without End Cora can't stand being away from Dorian's side so after her 1st week back at school she can't wait to be retrieved from school and climb into his arms. When an excursion to one of his estates takes a tragic turn Cora sees how easy it would be to lose her fiancé too. Who is doing this and why?
3) Time Out of Mind Cora has started her new way of life, bouncing from college to Dorian's home...Working in the labs to fill the loss of their "goto" gal when her tragic demise takes a step backwards for the science of choosing a cognate. With her move back to her apt. comes another step in her protection by Dorian's bodyguards, Dorian's 250 year old daughter, Clarissa, is now a new roommate...*sigh* When is Cora going to learn Dorian will never allow her to be harmed. With the best of Agnates searching for the one who has tried to end Cora, his Cognate is hosted in a prison below the house and Cora goes down to talk to her trying to find out WHY they want the worst for her.
4) Matter of Time Cora is still working in the labs below the house even though some of her work has been contaminated. All while going to college during the week and keeping Dorian sexually happy and also going over all the plans for a wedding that is large enough to stand the world on it's ear. With all the fear of one of her human friends getting hurt or her beloved coming to harm. And coming up on a milestone birthday she never thought she'd survive to see...Cora has a lot to deal with in her young life!
5) Time After Time Getting close to her wedding day with her beloved Dorian, Cora is swamped with decisions on music and cake and videographers *we're talking big time music and movie makers* Cora's life is so full that she hasn't spent nearly enough with her friends...time for a party bus and a bachelorette party that ends with a bang...bad bang.
6) World Enough & Time Cora's heart is broken, her best friend and maid of honor is missing and the only one willing to look into her disappearance is her beloved Dorian, whom she had to blackmail to get HIS assistance. With the countdown getting closer and closer to her wedding date Cora makes an unprecedented step to rescue her BFF Lisette, even though it may cost her, her BFF status, the loss of her life and the loss of Dorian...the end of Cora's battle is here. Will there be a happily ever after? Or will it all be in vain as the Aethereals rise up to take over the world and every one in it?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rites of Blood and Blood Life by V.M. Black

Meet Cora Ann Shaw, 21 year old college student, meet a girl who was raised by her grandmother as the day she was born she lost her mother, father and grandfather in a horrific car accident. Raised with love...alone in the world when her grandmother died of a heart attack. Cora is so alone and diagnosed with terminal cancer. Cora has months and too few of those, to live, she would do anything to live...anything! Even submit to a possible cure where the odds are 100 to 1 against her surviving the treatment. But Cora wants to try no matter what the odds are...she is told by Dorian Thorne, the researcher and CEO of the organization who agrees to submit Cora to the trial that she will be his golden girl if she lives. Ride the waves as Cora finds out that she sold her life and soul to a man who can control her very thoughts with the outcome of the experiment...Cora may survive the treatment but will she survive the man who twist her heart into knots and if she survives Dorian can she survive those who want him to fail? This set of books comes in 2 bundles: Blood Life and Rites of Blood...and will continue! Good read, VERY good read!!!

Chosen By the Vampire Kings by Charlene Hartnady

Once every 100 years the Vampire Kings of Sweetwater meet to choose their human mate...the only woman who can carry their child. Brant senses his mate when he arrives...he is a warrior with the soul of a poet and does not want war with his neighbor King the way their fathers fought for the same woman. His plan is not to focus on the woman he is drawn to, but when big, ruthless warrior Zane looks at his mate he tenses for action that fortunately is not needed, a woman behind her is forcefully taken though every qualified woman is required to be there most WANT to be a Queen there are a few who do not. Book store owner Tanya Milan is NOT one of the women who wants to be a vampire Queen and steps forward to say her piece and asks for the release of the frightened woman, but as Zane says: what's done is done and cannot be undone. When Tanya steps forward to argue her point she bump into a large man...Brant and finds herself chosen. Before the mating ceremony Zane's mate commits suicide and Zane calls for Mate's Lore, which means that Tanya must spend equal time with Zane to see which King gets to keep her. If ever there was a woman so torn! What follows is the most wonderful 6 books: Mate's Lore, Torn Desires, Love & War, Wild Heat, Red Lust and New Moon. I enjoyed these so much I NEED to reread them for the pure enjoyment!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blood Bonded By Force by Tracy Tappan

Meet Pändra Parthen. Tonĩ Parthen's(co-leader of The Community) sister, daughter to the opposition's Raymond Parthen, sister to killer, torturing hulk Mürk! She has the mouth of a teamster, the morals of an alley cat in heat and the soul of a disillusioned angel. Yep beauty knows the beast, she looks at her in the mirror every day. But she takes her mayhem one step too far and winds up blood bonded to a Vârcolac warrior Thomal Costache, who will need her blood to survive for the rest of his life or until one of them dies...guess which his fellow warriors wish for. When his friend, warrior Nyko Brun, proceeds on a rescue mission he finds Pändra and two identical twin ballerina's about to fall into Raymond Parthens' hands and promptly whisks them all down to "The Community". Life will change drastically for all three women and men will have their eyes pried open to see what truth has been staring them in the face from the moment they met these women. I cried a lot with this one...I thought this book would mostly be about Pändra and Thomal, boy was I wrong! I'm not going tell any secrets...just tell you: PLEASE READ THESE STORIES! They are to die for! The building for a mega climax is outstanding, the follow up and teaser is a temptation...so pull up your calendars, the next in this story line will be a doozie~Moon Riders by Tracy Tappan.