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Hi there! Welcome to my book review page! My name is Cindy...thus the Cinfully Wonderful ٩(-̮̮̃•)۶ I mostly read Paranormal Romance and love to write MY thoughts on the book without giving away secrets, cliffhangers or punchlines. This blog page is just for fun. Mine! You're welcome to leave comments about my reviews. Thank you and enjoy.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jack & Djinn by Amber Sweetapple

This is a tale of abuse of a girl who ran out of luck by time she was 11 and went about 15 years suffering through no fault of her own. Young Miriam was born to a very loving Dad and the queen of hate, her Mother. By the time Miriam was 11 her Dad died, by the time she was 16 her mother abandon's her, she is then beaten by her boyfriend, and rescued by a new man who, surprise, surprise, beats her too. Now a new guy has headed her way, by this time Miriam just wants to live her life alone. Jack to the rescue. All he want's to do is keep Miri safe. It will take a lot of kid glove's to get Miri to trust again. With anger and hate growing between the three at least one will die. I loved the way this was written, several points of view...more than one dead? Time and a dauntless detective will answer the question!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl (Nocturne Falls Book 3) by Kristen Painter

Book 3 in the Nocturne Falls series and I'm loving it! When Gargoyle Nick Hardwin is hired by one of the 3 vampire who run the "Every Day is Halloween" town where all vampire and werewolves and witches can be themselves to be the night guard for the gargoyle fountain he hopes to settle down and maybe meet a nice girl...little does he suspect that beloved jeweler Willa, a rare lapidus fae, will accidentally wish him as her protector. And boy is protection needed when they both wind up abducted to the fae realm. Protector may need to change and that very quick when some see Nick as valuable war slave. Will Willa be able to save Nick? And will the cost be too high?

Jason by Laurell K. Hamilton

VERY disappointed!!! This is pure SEX! Boy on boy, girl on girl boy on girl X two! And a lot of talking about "I like this and touch me there and I won't do this and WHY". Normally I don't speed read a book because I want to savor the tale. Not this one, I speeded through it so I could honestly say I read it. Wish I could get my money back, there is very little story there. But if you want to read about pure effing then this is the book for you. Bon Chance!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Werewolf Meets His Match (Nocturne Falls Book 2) by Kristen Painter

Sheriff Hank Merrow is the oldest son of the Georgia Werewolves alpha...and is told by his father that he has been chosen to marry to daughter of the Tennessee pack's alpha in payment of a past debt. He has no idea what sort of girl will be coming to be his bride in less than a week. Meeting her can make all the difference in his and her lives. When he finally meets his future mate she is a drop dead gorgeous, raven haired, tattooed and riding the most awesome softail motorcycle ever. She also seems to be locked up for punching a patron of his sister's bar. While getting to know his lovely future bride he finds she has secrets he must find out in order to be happy with a woman he's beginning to care for! And stop whoever is trying to kill her before the full moon!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hard as a Rock by Christine Warren

I love Christine Warren books...I started reading her years ago when I bought them from Ellora's Cave. Little by little the books were re-released as paperbacks and I picked them up to complete my collection, so I could re-read them. I was a little disappointed with this addition. The beginning was good where you get to know your principals and the last 18 pages were good because the battle took place...but I felt there was much that could have been improved upon. The interaction with the bad guys is minimal and the growth of a brand new Guardian could have been a wonderful affair, but it jut IS! You NEED to read this to stay on track about the war to come but other than that, I WANT MORE!!!